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Reliable removals to Ghent since 1870

Our removal company was founded in 1870, which means that we have removal experience for 150 years. Nowadays, we perform about 500 removals to Belgium, The Netherlands and The UK and vice versa each year. With our modern fleet, our reliable equipment and – last, but not least – our qualified and experienced removers, we turn every removal to Ghent into a comfortable experience. Convince yourself and discover why both people and companies prefer Henneken to other removal companies!

Moving to Ghent? Storage, handyman and other great services…

As well as our reliability, our excellent removal service is one of the many reasons why Henneken is involved in approximately 500 removals between the UK or Ireland and the Netherlands or Belgium each year. Since a removal is proven to be one of the most stressful events in human life, people moving to Ghent do really appreciate our helping hands. Comfort yourself and benefit from handyman service, storage service and many other removal services that turn your removal to Ghent in a pleasant experience.

Comfort yourself with our free removal checklist when moving to Ghent

One of those other removal services is our free removal checklist, in which we share useful removal tips with you, based on our 150 year removal experience. Since a good preparation is half the battle, our removal checklist enables you moving to Ghent in a comfortable way. We are pleased to let you benefit from our experience.

Moving to Ghent for a year? Save money with groupage shipment!

Maybe it is not your intention moving to Ghent for a long time. If you are moving to Ghent e.g. for only a year, you might have only a few objects to be shipped. Did you think about groupage shipment already? Groupage shipment may be the best solution both to get your objects shipped to Ghent and to save money! If you have any questions about groupage shipment, please do not hesitate either to contact us or to request a removal quote!

Contact us or request a removal quote when you are moving to Ghent

If you are moving to Ghent, you might have questions on which we have the answer. Please do not hesitate to call us (+44) 2033180926), e-mail us ( or request a removal quote. Within two days after your request, you will receive a removal quote. If you prefer a free pre-move survey visit by one of our surveyors right away, please feel free to contact us in order to make an appointment. We are pleased to help you!

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