Moving to the Netherlands

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Discover the benefits: moving to the Netherlands is a considerable option

There are numerous reasons why people might choose to move to the Netherlands. Some common considerations can be:

  • Employment Opportunities
    The Netherlands has a strong and diverse economy, offering various employment opportunities, particularly in sectors such as technology, finance, and trade.
  • Education
    The Netherlands hosts several top-ranking universities and research institutions, making it an attractive destination for students and academics.
  • Geographic Location
    The country’s central location in Europe makes it easy to travel to surrounding countries, which could be appealing for individuals looking to explore the continent.
  • Language
    English is widely spoken in the Netherlands, making it easier for English speakers to adapt.
  • EU Membership
    Following Brexit, moving to an EU country like the Netherlands can provide certain benefits and freedoms associated with EU membership, such as freedom of movement within the Schengen Area.
  • Quality of Life
    The Netherlands consistently ranks high in terms of quality of life, with excellent healthcare, public services, and infrastructure.
  • Cultural Experience
    Living in the Netherlands offers a unique cultural experience, with a rich history, diverse population, and various festivals and events.

Reliable relocations to the Netherlands

Each year, approximately 300 people and companies choose for Henneken Removals when moving to the Netherlands or moving back to the UK. Henneken’s reliability is one of the reasons why people prefer our removal company to other removal companies. With our modern vehicles and experienced staff, moving company Henneken is known as a reliable removing company for overseas removals between the Netherlands and the UK. Popular cities in The Netherlands we are often moving people to, are: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Eindhoven.

Take advantage of our relocation services

Our company has been relocating for 150 years. We understand from experience that moving can often be stressful. Proper preparation is half the battle when moving to the Netherlands; therefore, we are pleased to assist you with a helpful checklist to minimize stress. You can download the moving checklist for free. Additionally, you might also find our other relocation services useful.

Consider groupage shipping and save money

Do you want to save money when moving to the Netherlands without compromising on quality? If you opt for a combination trip or groupage shipping, you can benefit from attractive rates and save money! If your moving date offers some flexibility, it is highly likely that groupage shipment is a viable option for you. With groupage shipment, we consolidate the transportation of your belongings with others’. For instance, we might move three inventories to the Netherlands and one inventory back to the Netherlands. This approach allows the costs of fuel, the ferry, and driving time to be shared among multiple customers, thereby significantly reducing the overall costs.

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