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Reliable removals from UK to Amsterdam

Each year, approximately 500 people and companies choose for our company when moving to Amsterdam, Belgium , Ireland or moving back to the UK.  One reason why people are moving to Amsterdam with Henneken is our reliability. Removal company Henneken uses modern equipment and experienced removers, who take care of your furniture and other items that you want to move to Amsterdam. Moving to Amsterdam may bring on a lot of stress for you, so we would like to make sure that you can rely on our removal team. At Henneken, we know exactly how to make your removal to Amsterdam a pleasant and comfortable experience for you. That’s why we offer extra removal services like handyman service and storage service.

Use our removal checklist when moving to Amsterdam

Moving is one of the most stressful activities in one’s life. Did you know that moving is in 3rd position of the top 10 stress factors in life? Therefore you can help yourself with a good preparation of your removal to Amsterdam. We would like to help you with some useful tips, which we have collected in a checklist. You can download the moving checklist for free here. Since Henneken has 150 years of removal experience, we are pleased to share these tips with you in order to enable you to perfectly prepare your removal to Amsterdam.


Moving from UK to Amsterdam for a year

Moving-to-AmsterdamHenneken has been performing removals to Amsterdam since 1870, both for people who intend moving to Amsterdam for several years and for those who are moving to Amsterdam for only a year. If you are going to move to Amsterdam for only a year, you might be likely to have only a small number of items that should be moved to Amsterdam. In that case, it could be interesting to choose for a combination trip or groupage shipment in order to save money. Please do not hesitate to ask for a removal quote if you have only a few items to move to Amsterdam!

Moving to Amsterdam with pets like your dog

Your dog will absolutely love moving to Amsterdam! Just like London, Amsterdam has several parks in which you can have excellent walks with your dog. Some popular parks in Amsterdam are the Vondelpark, the Rembrandtpark and the Amsterdamse Bos. When you are moving to Amsterdam, we would really recommend to discover those and all the other beautiful parks in Amsterdam!

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Do you dream of moving to Amsterdam comfortably? Experience our excellent removal service when moving to Amsterdam! Please feel free to request a removal quote for your removal! You will receive our removal quote within two days. Would you like to receive more information? Please call us: (+44) 2033180926. If you wish, you can also make an appointment for a free pre-move survey visit by one of our surveyors right away.

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