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moving-to-scandinaviaSince our removal company was founded in 1870, moving to Scandinavia has been our passion for 150 years now. Our modern fleet, reliable removal equipment as well as experienced and qualified removers help you move to Scandinavia in the most comfortable way possible. After all, we think that your removal to Scandinavia should be as comfortable and relaxed as the country itself! That’s why our removal company offers great removal services, of which handyman service, groupage shipment and storage service are three random examples. Did you know that our storage is perfectly protected against fire and burglary and equipped with a very modern climate control system?

Things to consider when moving to Scandinavia

When moving to Scandinavia, there are some things to consider. Are you bringing your pet with you? Then see if the destination country has certain rules for that. Sweden conducts checks at the border for the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

Similarly, there are certain rules when it comes to importing goods. Especially food, medicine, tobacco, alcohol and vehicles are quite expensive to bring.

Arrange daycare or school. If you have children, research the various options and contact your municipality to begin the enrollment process.

Is it hard to move to Scandinavia?

What should you consider when moving to Scandinavia? This varies naturally for each Scandinavian country. Henneken lists it by country.

There are endless reasons to move to Denmark. It is one of the safest countries in the world. Although, it’s a big move. Things you will need are Tax Card, NemKonto/Easy Account, Health care card, Bank card/bank account.

Before getting a person number after you move to Sweden, you must prove that you have an income. Consider a source of income from employment or income from your own business. This is because you are not allowed to take advantage of the country’s social security for free.You can stay in Sweden for three months. Use this time, for example, to look for a job and to get all the papers in order. After these three months, you must formally return to the UK if you have no income or if you do not have enough equity of your own to support yourself.

To stay in Norway, you must be able to prove the following: proof of employment contract, or proof of registration of your own business in Norway, or proof of sufficient means of subsistence + own health insurance.

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Is moving to Scandinavia expensive?

Whether moving to Scandinavia is expensive depends on quite a few factors. It depends on location, quantity of goods and more. In order to get the best possible estimate, you can request a no-obligation quote from Henneken Removals. You will get a free proposal for moving to Scandinavia.

Moving to Sweden

Sweden, a Scandinavian gem, offers a captivating blend of natural beauty and cultural richness. Nestled in Northern Europe, this land of the midnight sun is known for its stunning landscapes, from the pristine lakes and dense forests to the majestic mountains. With a population known for its friendliness and progressive mindset, Sweden is an inviting destination for those seeking a new home. Its culture is a harmonious mix of tradition and modernity, with a strong emphasis on equality and sustainability. Swedish cuisine is renowned for its delicious meatballs, herring, and delectable pastries. For those considering a move from England to Sweden, you’ll find a country that seamlessly combines natural splendor, cultural diversity, and a high quality of life.

Moving to Denmark

Moving-to-Denmark-ScandinaviaDenmark, a picturesque Nordic country, beckons those considering a move from England with its unique charm. With a population known for its warmth and hygge (coziness), Denmark offers a welcoming embrace. The landscape is marked by rolling hills, beautiful coastlines, and serene farmlands. In Denmark, you’ll find a rich cultural heritage rooted in history and innovation. The Danish people are known for their progressive mindset and strong emphasis on work-life balance. Danish cuisine boasts delightful dishes like smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches) and pastries like danishes. If you’re contemplating relocating to Denmark, you’ll discover a nation that seamlessly combines natural beauty, cultural heritage, and a high quality of life.

Moving to Norway

Norway, a land of stunning natural beauty and rich culture, awaits those looking to move from England. With a population known for its warmth and strong connection to nature, Norway offers a warm welcome. The landscape is dominated by dramatic fjords, snow-capped mountains, and deep forests. Norway’s culture is deeply rooted in Viking history, and the people take pride in their traditions and modernity. Norwegians prioritize equality, sustainability, and a high quality of life. Norwegian cuisine features fresh seafood, hearty stews, and skillfully crafted cheeses. If you’re considering relocating to Norway, you’ll find a country that seamlessly combines breathtaking landscapes, cultural heritage, and a commitment to a prosperous and balanced life.

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Comfort yourself when moving to Scandinavia with our removal checklist

Our company has been moving people and companies for 150 years. We know from experience that people often get stressed when moving. Why would you stress yourself when you can also benefit from our extensive removal experience? We love to share some useful relocation tips with you, in order to help you prepare your move to Scandinavia. After all, a solid preparation is half the battle for your removal to Scandinavia comfortably. You can download the moving checklist for free here!

Moving to Scandinavia temporarily, e.g. for work

Most people who are moving to Scandinavia are moving for several years, but sometimes our company also helps people who are moving to Scandinavia temporarily. Maybe you are going to visit your family in Scandinavia or moving to Scandinavia for your work? Whatever your reason is for moving to Scandinavia, please do not hesitate to ask for a removal quote, even if you are moving to Scandinavia for a short time and if you have only a few objects to move.

Moving to Scandinavia and saving money? Think about groupage shipping!

Do you want to save money when moving to Scandinavia without quality concessions? If you choose for a combination trip or groupage shipping, you can benefit from interesting rates and save money! If your moving date allows some flexibility, it is highly probable that groupage shipment is possible for you. With groupage shipment, we combine shipping your objects with shipping other’s. This allows the costs of fuel, the ferry and the driving time to be shared among multiple customers, reducing the overall costs considerably.

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Are you moving to Scandinavia? Please do not hesitate to request a free removal quote! Within two days after your request, you will receive our removal quote. Are you moving to Oslo or Stockholm or any other town in Scandinavia and do you have any questions for our removal company? Please feel free to call us (+44) 2033180926) or send us an e-mail ( If you prefer a free pre-move survey visit by one of our surveyors right away, we are also pleased to make an appointment with you!

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