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Groupage rates: maximizing efficiency, minimizing costs

Established in 1870, Henneken Removals has become synonymous with efficient and cost-effective relocations between Ireland and West/Northern Europe, notably Sweden. Our unique selling point lies in our groupage rates, a service model that consolidates multiple moves into one journey. This not only optimizes our transport efficiency but also democratically distributes the transport costs among several clients, ensuring that each enjoys more competitive rates without a compromise on the quality of service. At Henneken, we hold steadfast to the principle that transitions from one home to another should be nothing short of simple and stress-free for all our clients.

An attractive addition – Discount for Swedish nationals

In a bid to offer more value to our clients, Henneken Removals introduces an exclusive discount program for Swedish nationals, facilitated through the RUT Avdrag system. This initiative allows individuals with a Swedish personal number to avail themselves of up to a 50% deduction on labor costs related to our moving services, including the critical aspects of loading, unloading, and driving. A minimal administrative fee of SEK 750 is applied to streamline this process. Eligibility for this significant tax deduction necessitates a valid Swedish personal number and recognition as a taxpayer by Skatteverket. Our seamless collaboration with PDB Logistics AB ensures that the invoicing and tax reduction process is both efficient and compliant with Swedish legislation.

Tailored packing services: ensuring your belongings travel safely

A picture of the northern light in Sweden. In the picture are mountains covered in snow and a lake that is green from the reflection of the northern light. Henneken Removals prides itself on offering a comprehensive suite of packing services, designed to cater to every possible need and preference. Whether you require full-service packing, partial assistance, or prefer to undertake the packing yourself, we are equipped and ready to support your choice. Our extensive range of packing materials — from durable wardrobe boxes to specialized book and painting boxes — guarantees the safe and secure transport of your personal effects. For those opting for self-packing, we are more than willing to provide both materials and expert advice to ensure your belongings are well-protected. Additionally, our unpacking services at your destination can be customized to include table-top unpacking, further reducing the stress of settling into your new home.

Furniture disassembly and assembly

The task of disassembling and reassembling furniture is a common challenge during the moving process. Henneken Removals addresses this need with our team of experienced professionals, ready to assist with all your furniture handling requirements. This service aims to alleviate the burden of moving, ensuring that your focus remains on the excitement of transitioning to your new home. We encourage clients to inform us in advance if they require disassembly and assembly services, allowing us to integrate these tasks seamlessly into the overall moving plan.

Simplified customs formalities for EU relocations

Moving between EU countries typically involves minimal customs formalities, and relocating from Ireland to Sweden is no exception. Despite this, the journey requires the procurement of a T2 document due to the necessity of transiting through a non-EU country. Henneken Removals takes responsibility for all necessary documentation, ensuring a hassle-free move across borders.

Engage and save: assisting with your move

We offer clients the opportunity to actively participate in their moving process, particularly during the unloading phase. This involvement not only personalizes your moving experience but can also lead to significant savings by reducing the need for additional labor. We invite clients to discuss this option with us, enabling us to provide a more customized and cost-effective quote.

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Insurance and storage solutions

Understanding the importance of peace of mind during the moving process, Henneken Removals offers an array of insurance options to safeguard your belongings throughout the journey. Moreover, our state-of-the-art storage solutions are available for both short-term and long-term needs, providing a secure environment for your items until you are ready to welcome them into your new home.


We offer modern storage facilities, please let us know if we can assist you with this.

Important information;

  • removals from Ireland to above the Stockholm-Oslo line are less frequent, we offer trips every 3-4 weeks on average, so we ask you to be flexible in delivery date(s). It goes without saying that a small volume shipment over a long distance can be somewhat more expensive;
  • please note that unforeseen circumstances (bad weather, traffic jams, strikes, etc.) may occur during transport. Of course we will keep you fully informed of the removal process. Any costs incurred due to delay with regard to the delivery your goods resulted to bad weather conditions, traffic jams, strikes and breakdowns along the way, cannot be recovered from us;
  • during the winter months, please make sure that the access road to your home is cleared of snow or is cleared of snow in such a way that the removal truck can reach the home.

A picture of sunrise taken from the edge of a lake. The dew is still visible and there is a tiny cabin on the edge of the lake surrounded by trees.Key considerations for a smooth relocation

Moves to areas beyond the Stockholm-Oslo line are scheduled every 3-4 weeks, necessitating flexibility in delivery dates. It’s important to note that smaller volume shipments covering long distances may incur higher costs.
The moving process can be influenced by various external factors, including adverse weather conditions, traffic congestion, and unexpected events. While we commit to keeping our clients informed every step of the way, it’s crucial to understand that costs arising from such delays are not recoverable from Henneken Removals. During the winter months, ensuring that access routes to your residence are clear of snow is essential for the smooth operation of our moving trucks. This preparation helps prevent delays

Discounts for our valued Customers

Via our preferred Scandinavian partner company PDB Logistics AB we can offer some interesting discounts:
As a bonus, you will receive a 10% discount on various activities or accommodations. See link below. Moving to Sweden? information by Swedish tax office:

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