Can I move permanently to the UK?

Emigrating to the UK after the Brexit has changed. Since 2021, you will need a visa and work permit. Whether someone qualifies for a visa and work permit is based on a points system. So emigrating to the United Kingdom doesn’t happen overnight. Fortunately, Henneken Removals helps you prepare for your emigration.

How can I stay permanently in the uk?

To live permanently in the UK you need a visa and work permit. You obtain a visa and work permit using a points system. The conditions you need to meet are, for example, having a minimum salary and a sufficient command of the English language.

Is it hard to get a UK permanent residence?

Immigration requirements to the United Kingdom include a minimum salary of £26,500 per year. Or the prevailing rate for a specific industry, if higher than £26,500 on an annual basis. Learn more about emigrating to the United Kingdom at

Working permanently in England

Before emigrating to the United Kingdom, it is wise to look for a job in the United Kingdom first. This ensures financial security when you start living in the UK. Nowadays it is perfectly possible to arrange a job from a distance. For example by phone or video call. Also there are several job sites such as Monster, Search Jobs Abroad and Glassdoor.

When can you start planning the move to the UK?

You can look for a job in advance to get a visa and work permit. After you find a job, you can start looking for a house and moving company. In terms of house, you have several options. It is wise to rent a house first. This way you can get acquainted with certain areas without being stuck with them. Don’t like the area? You can easily terminate the rental. Would you rather buy? By googling yourself, you can easily learn about an area. Of course you already know something about the UK. If you want to live in a big city, then you are moving to London, Manchester, Liverpool or so. If you want to live in the countryside, you will search elsewhere.

Education system in the United Kingdom

Are you moving to the United Kingdom and do you have children? Then it is good to know what the school system is in the UK. Around the age of 12, children go from elementary school to secondary school in the UK. From the age of 16 they can attend vocational or higher education. A big advantage: education in the United Kingdom is among one of the best in Europe, and education in state schools is also completely free. More information about the education system in the United Kingdom can be found at nuffic.

The Tower Bridge in London by nighttime.

Moving to the United Kingdom

Pension and benefit

The pension scheme in the UK works in the following way: you decide how much you pay and what the size of your pension will eventually be. Not sure how best to determine this? Then talk to a pension adviser. Then together you will come up with a personal pension plan.

Bringing the dog with you?

If you are bringing your dog to England, the United Kingdom has a few requirements for this. You must have an animal passport. In addition, your dog needs a microchip. Furthermore, your dog must have a rabies vaccination and a tapeworm treatment. The rabies vaccination must be given at least 21 days before departure. The tapeworm treatment between 24 and 120 hours before arrival in the UK.

Opening a bank account

Emigrating to the United Kingdom brings enough challenges. Fortunately, opening a bank account is quite simple. Some banks, such as HSBC UK, don’t even require you to do this from the United Kingdom. If you would like to join another bank, and this is not possible from abroad, it is wise to have an international credit card. Then you can at least pay after you arrive in the UK.

Need help or have questions about moving permanently to the UK?

Henneken Removals has a lot of knowledge and experience about the UK. Moving people to the UK has been our passion for 150 years now. With our modern fleet, reliable removal equipment and experienced and qualified removers, we know exactly how to turn your removal to the UK into a pleasant and comfortable experience. Henneken’s excellent removal services contribute to that too! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.