Removals within The Netherlands

Are you looking for a removal company in The Netherlands?

Moving is always a big hassle. It requires a lot of preparation and good planning. No wonder if the idea puts you off. It’s not something you’re likely to do on a daily basis. But we do! Henneken Removal Services has made moving its core business and we have mastered it down to the smallest details.

Moving is in 5th position of the stress top 10. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a mover who understands your concerns and has the right personnel to unstress you. Henneken’s movers make the difference. You will find that all our workers are decent and civil people with a great commitment to quality. When moving, whom you work with matters like nothing else.

Apart from moving your possessions Henneken also provides packing and unpacking services, and can take care of disassembling and reassembling your furniture as well as handyman work such as removing and installing curtain rails, lamps and paintings.

Customers who wish to rid themselves of all moving cares and concerns, for instance because they just have no time to arrange the move, can turn to our removal counsellor for assistance. She will provide support in all activities surrounding your move, such as address changes, requesting quotes for carpets and curtains, cleaning of your old and new home, etc

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