Socially responsible

Henneken has been a socially responsible enterprise ever since it was established in 1870, although “socially responsible entrepreneurship” did not exist as a term in those days.

Socially responsible entrepreneurship is about 3 aspects: People, Planet, and Profit.


  • Henneken continuously invests in training courses to develop its employees’ knowledge and expertise to a higher level.
  • Henneken invests in retaining its experienced employees making sure they can carry on working in their physically demanding profession so that their valuable experience remains available to our customers.
  • For this purpose, Henneken has joined up with a sports school and developed a dedicated “movers programme” to keep its employees in optimal shape.
  • Henneken also provides back training and lifting exercises, as well as lifestyle and nutrition courses to its employees.


  • Sustainability is an important aspect for which we screen our suppliers.
  • When it’s time to replace a removal van, our choice will always be for a model that leaves the smallest ecological footprint.
  • We are striving for mileage reduction (and therefore reduced CO2-emissions) through our intense collaboration within the nation-wide Mondial Movers partnership.
  • The removal boxes and wrapping paper we use are always manufactured of recycled paper and cardboard; returned removal boxes will be re-used multiple times and offered for recycling after their end of life.


  • Henneken is financially in a healthy condition. And we need to maintain that condition so we can continue to invest in matters that are relevant to society.